Reading The Bible

24 Sep 2015. It's been said that the Bible is like a body of water in which a child may wade and an elephant may swim. The youngest Christian can read the.

Often we simply read scripture for information, to follow a rule, or as an academic pursuit. Reading to meet God sounds like a great idea and the ideal for a.

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14 Nov 2018. There are four steps to mastering the Bible so well that the Bible masters you: 1. Read the Bible 2. Study the Bible 3. Memorize the Bible 4.

19 Jan 2017. If you're looking for how to read the Bible, here is a 6 step beginners guide to help you get the most out of your time with God's Word!

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30 Mar 2015. This guide will help you get started in how to read the Bible.

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To read the Bible is to read God's own Word. Here are 6 very good reasons why you should pick up your Bible today – and every day!

Any study on how to read the Bible, must first discuss the reasons for why reading the Bible is important. First Timothy 3:16 says that the Bible is “God breathed,”.

What is the Bible for? In his new history of "the world's most influential book," the Anglican theologian John Barton argues that neither Christianity nor Judaism is.

7 Nov 2018. A lot of new and seasoned Christians have a story about their attempts to read the Bible cover to cover that goes something like this: It was.

1 day ago. William Tyndale lived over 400 years ago. In his day, the church would allow only its leaders to read and interpret the Bible. It also refused to let.

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Download a plan to read through the Bible in one year. Choose from three reading plans one that offers what you hope to get out of your daily Bible reading.

Spend time alone with God's Word. Spend quality time reading the Bible daily while learning how to read it with contextual videos from The Bible Project.

This is a starter video series that helps you read the Bible while understanding its unique design and literary devices.

Matthew 10:16-31: Jesus continues to instruct his disciples. He warns them of coming persecutions and encourages them to be brave and trust in God.

Use our online Bible search tool to read the Bible online, search the Bible, compare Bible verses, and comment, as well as saving notes and sharing animated.

16 Dec 2019. Very few of us have the inclination or interest in diving into three years of seminary education in order to get a better handle on the Scriptures.